Why Tom Coughlin of the New York Giants Wins

winning strategy

winning strategyMost accomplished people have rules they live by. Tom Coughlin, Coach of the New York Giants, was being interviewed about his book Earn the Right to Win: How Success in Any Field Starts with Superior Preparation. He shared four rules he lives by that set him up to achieve tremendous success. Try them on for size…

  1. Use time efficiently. Be prepared when unexpected opportunity hits.
  2. Be a stickler for punctuality — it shows you respect your time and the time of others as well.
  3. Pay attention to detail. Studying the skills of the competition will bring insight that can help you stay one step (or more) ahead and rack up the wins.
  4. Establish trust and honest communication.

Granted, living by these rules isn’t easy — as simple as they may be. ┬áBut little that makes us a better, more successful person is easy, right?

Ideal Worklife Strategy Session

Being in leadership, you have enormous responsibility and yet few with whom to discuss personal or sensitive work issues.

It makes sense. Being at the top of the org chart, who, internally, do you reach out to when focused on your own professional development? Or when dealing with confidential challenges?

If that sounds familar, you’re not the first or only leader to be in that position! Clients reach out when they need a coach and confidant to help them step up their own game and/or handle workplace issues and improvements.

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