Why High Achievers Work With a Coach

I’m frequently asked, “What kinds of things can you help me with?” It would make answering easier if I were a different kind of coach. If I was a sales coach I could say I help you close more sales.

But as a business/executive/worklife coach there’s a broad range of needs that have inspired clients to seek my coaching services. All have in common, that they are elements of an ideal worklife.

Work isn’t a vacation. But it shouldn’t be drudgery, continually frustrating or leave you feeling unfilled. Work can and should give you purpose, energy, a creative outlet, a collaborative community, a sense of accomplishment, a place to learn and grow and more. It’s an ideal worklife that many of us seek.

My clients are already successful and driven. Even with that, here are actual things they have hired me for. To…

  • Hold them accountable to start/complete a life- or business project
  • Partner with them to make a personal improvement or develop a professional skill 
  • Learn how to effectively manage “up” 
  • Have a clearer picture of how others see and experience them
  • Improve Emotional Intelligence
  • Get unstuck at work
  • Create life balance
  • Make operational changes in their business
  • Beat procrastination
  • Get out from under overwhelm
  • Have more control of what goes on in their heads. Including what gets in their way.
  • Have a second, confidential brain to solve challenges at work
  • Improve team collaboration at work
  • Navigate difficult conversations
  • Help them hire the right candidate
  • Develop an onboarding process
  • Prioritize efficiently
  • Get their schedule under control
  • Delegate effectively
  • Make the leap to get out of an unfulfilling or toxic job

It’s not an exhaustive list of course. But it serves to provide a better idea how I can support them and you, when the time is right to create the ideal worklife.

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