If you consider working with a coach like I consider working with a coach, you prefer to have some of your questions answered before you take the next step, which is scheduling a call. Here are some answers…

Phone or ZOOM. Client’s choice.

Yes. I’m not a Life Coach, preferring to work with business owners and others focused on professional development. However, you’re the same person professionally and personally. Sure, you may behave slightly differently and certainly have different responsibilities. But you have one brain that impacts everything you do. Professional growth, without fail, also impacts personal growth.

Never shorter than two months (Unless it’s just an assessment and debrief, but that’s not really coaching.) and typically less than one year. Though some clients work with me in other ways for many years. Examples of that include supporting hiring and selection efforts, acting as their trusted advisor, developing their leadership team, defining and imbuing their corporate culture etc.


Complete confidentiality. What is said between the two of us stays between the two of us. That also goes for any reports resulting from assessments you take as part of the coaching engagement. You may share them with whomever you like. But I only share them with you. In addition, I abide by the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation. A copy of that is provided to all clients.


Clients can invest as little as a few hundred dollars for an assessment/debrief to multiple thousands to work together for a year  – with  options in between. The most popular packages are here.

There’s a good chance a coach is exactly what you need. But also a chance it’s not. We talk and you share what’s going on. I share my opinion and if coaching seems like the right path, let you experience a little bit of coaching on the spot.

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