Uh. What Was That?

speak slowly

speak slowlyHave you ever had to rewind a phone message multiple times just to decipher a name or get a phone number down? Here’s a voice mail tip.

Do people a favor when you’re leaving a message and say your name and phone number s-l-o-w-l-y and clearly, particularly if this is someone you don’t call often. It also helps to say your name at the beginning and end of the message and say the number twice at the end.

If the point is for someone to call you back, makes sense to make it as easy as possible.

Talking too fast is as dumb as dehydrated water.

Ideal Worklife Strategy Session

Being in leadership, you have enormous responsibility and yet few with whom to discuss personal or sensitive work issues.

It makes sense. Being at the top of the org chart, who, internally, do you reach out to when focused on your own professional development? Or when dealing with confidential challenges?

If that sounds familar, you’re not the first or only leader to be in that position! Clients reach out when they need a coach and confidant to help them step up their own game and/or handle workplace issues and improvements.

Feel like something you might benefit from? Let’s talk. In this complimentary  strategy session, we look at how things are for you right now and what changes you’d like to see. After our conversation, you’ll have a clearer idea where you want to go from here.

Use the calendar to set up your session.

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