The Best Way to Build Your Subscriber List Fast

Before I share with you the best way to build your list, the message I want to scream from the rooftops is how not to build your list. Here are a few common practices that aren’t OK. Just to make certain you’re not an offender, keep reading. You may be surprised.

  • Getting a business card at a networking event is not approval to subscribe that person to your newsletter.
  • Connecting with a person on LinkedIn is not approval to subscribe that new connection to your newsletter.
  • Having someone’s contact information in your phone, database or CRM is not permission to add them to your subscriber list.
  • Getting names and contact information from an event attendee list is not carte blanche to add those people to your subscriber list.
  • Being in an organization with other people does not mean you can add all of those people to your helpful tips list.

Two gracious and considerate ways to add people to your subscriber list

  1. Reach out with a personal email, include the type of information that you share in your newsletter or tip, ask if they’d like to subscribe and make it easy by providing a link. If you want to be really awesome, mention your interest in being added to their subscriber list. Thereby indicating you really do care about their success beyond what involves increased revenue for you.
  2. Additionally, you can share helpful, interesting, valuable information on social media that ultimately drives people to your website because they like/need/appreciate what you’ve shared. Your website should be set up to encourage the visitor to subscribe in order keep getting more great information.

About those suggestions, I’m not a marketing expert but the skilled ones I know agree with me. What I am is a human business person who gets a lot of email. Every time I get jammed onto a list due to one of the above reasons, I’m annoyed. Odd are not good I’ll do business with that person. The opposite effect of what they intended.

Fast and genuine are in conflict

Those bullets happen because everybody is busy. Everybody is trying to accomplish a lot in as little time as possible. But you know what you can’t rush? Building authentic business relationships. So, the title of this post is a little click-baity and I’m sorry about that. By using those words I tried to increase the odds that the short-cut takers will read this and cut it out.

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