In our collaboration I’m here to serve and the focus is on you and/or your organization. But before we get to that point you need to be sure we’re a fit. People do business with people they know, like and trust, right? Via my strengths you’ll know more about me on your way to the like and trust part.

I’ve taken the StrengthsFinder online test twice about seven years apart. In neither case were the results surprising. This is exactly the right business for me to lead. It was confirming, and frankly a relief. I no longer had any doubt if I was on the right life path.

My top strength was the same both times. The other four (the test results reveal your top five) changed a bit from the first test to the second, but are still closely related to one another and what I do.

These are my strengths, and very briefly what they mean according to StrengthsFinder 2.0:

  • Empathy (1) — I can sense the emotions of those around me and can intuitively see the world through your eyes and share your perspective, fostering enormous understanding of your situation.
  • Harmony (2) — I look for areas of agreement and when I see conflict, seek to find common ground.
  • Individualization (2) — I am intrigued by your unique qualities.
  • Restorative (3) — I love to solve problems. Rather than being overwhelmed by your challenges, I’m energized.
  • Connectedness (3) — Things happens for a reason. We are all responsible for our own judgment and have free will, and yet are collectively part of something larger.
  • Communication (4)  — I like to explain, describe, host, speak and write to increase your knowledge and understanding.
  • Maximizer (4) — Your strengths fascinate me and I want to do all I can to help you maximize them.
  • Developer (5)  — I see the potential in you and believe you are alive with possibilities.
  • Futuristic (5) — The future is fascinating and inspiring and I help you see that hope and possibility.

Whether you work with me or not, how great would it be to know and capitalize on your strengths?

Seriously great, that’s how great.

Let’s Get Started