A Simple Way to Reduce Anxiety

Every day you’re confronted with situations with the potential to create stress — perhaps even ruin your day if you let them.  But you can also make a different choice that will reduce anxiety. If you can’t do anything about it, let it go.  Examples…

  • You’re moving at a glacial pace in line at the bank or store. (The person who sighs loudly, taps their foot and rolls their eyes just looks like a jerk.)
  • You’re late for a meeting and stuck in traffic.  (Stop looking at the clock.  Won’t change a thing.)
  • You’re trapped in the elevator with the office Debbie Downer who is complaining about anything and everything. (Just smile, don’t engage, and be grateful when either one of you arrives at your floor – hopefully different floors.)
  • The weather.  (Being sick of winter and complaining hasn’t been successful at making it warm and sunny, now has it?)

If you can fix it, then fix it.  If you can’t, then decide to cope in a way that doesn’t make the situation worse.  You don’t have to control everything, right?  So give in once in awhile. Decide that this is the way it is and be cool with it.

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