Living Your Ideal Worklife

Know That Your Worklife Could and Should Be Better?

After working with so many clients, I’ve seen just how challenging it can be to make the ideal worklife a reality. At one time things may have been going great. But more responsibilities make it more challenging. My guess is you’re very good at your job but want more than that. Perhaps you want to be inspired, and inspiring.

Is it possible to feel an adrenaline rush and in control? Is rewarding work and a full, happy personal life a reasonable ask? Is there a way to fix, or even prevent, uncomfortable office politics?


If you’d like your 2000-ish work hours a year to be better than they are, it’s understandable. That those hours aren’t all they could isn’t rooted in your not being smart or committed or driven enough. 

If your worklife isn’t everything you want it to be, it’s not because you aren’t enough. It’s simply because you don’t yet have the right tools and strategies to go from where you are now, to where you want to be. 

It's Time to Create Your Best Worklife

I went from having a worklife I loved to one I dreaded. It happened slowly and I didn’t see it coming. Realized it when Sunday night was the worst part of my week.

Not all of my clients have been in that exact boat. Many love their work but have felt like the work they love could be more fulfilling and less stressful or more efficient and less challenging.

I’ve spent more than two decades developing the expertise to help you create and live your ideal worklife, whatever that looks like for you. Seventeen years in corporate America, continuous training, several coaching certifications and practical experience come together to deliver what I promise. A committed collaborator creating the worklife you want.

The focus of the program depends upon you, your needs and desires. I’ve helped clients learn how to effectively lead themselves, manage time, banish overwhelm, overcome procrastination, manage up, down and sideways, make changes in business operations, improve EQ, communicate better, improve collaboration, delegate effectively, get unstuck at work, get out of toxic situations, understand how others see/experience them, and more.

Imagine Being Happy at Work

Imagine waking up without 8 fires to put out. Imagine being motivated – even excited – to get to work. Far fetched or just barely out of reach? Whether it’s making significant changes or minor adjustments, it’s possible when you know the strategies, have the tools and have harnessed your best thinking.

And you know, loving your worklife positively impacts your personal life, too.

be in your
"A" game

We have helpful (A Game) and unhelpful (B Game) ways of thinking. Learn to call up your A Game in any situation.

Inspired and Driven

Radiate enthusiasm, confidence and energy, inspiring those around you.

Peace of Mind

Be effective and accomplished at work, relaxed and refreshed at home.

The No-Nonsense Guide To Ditching Time Management Stress

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