FAQs and Quandaries - Self-Leadership Cohort

Is this about mindset and being motivated?

Nope. Mindset and motivation aren’t how you think, they are rooted in how you think. Your thinking is impacting your motivation and mindset. We figure out specifically which thinking patters are getting in your way...and then shift them.


I’ve tried to stop (insert behavior you want to stop here) but it never sticks. Or,
I’ve tried to achieve (insert what you want to achieve here) but keep getting stalled.


Totally get that. But this is different because it gives you one or more specific alternatives to the unhelpful thinking patterns that are habitually getting in your way. If you want to stop procrastinating, you need to know what thinking patterns are making you procrastinate and purposefully shift to a better thinking pattern. If you want a promotion but keep coming up with reasons why now isn’t the time to ask for it, there’s that unhelpful thinking again. This change works because it’s science-based. Not motivational-poster based.


This all sounds very confusing.

That’s why it’s a robust coaching and training program. If you already knew this stuff you’d already have made the changes or reached the goal you’re seeking. You need new information and skills to make the shifts in thinking that will you lead you to changes in your work and/or life. You make small changes over eight weeks that build to a new skillset. You won’t ever be lost in the program because I’ll make sure you’re doing ok.


Is this the same as Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

It’s not. But this work absolutely impacts growth in EQ. Makes sense that it would since your behaviors under the umbrella of EQ are driven by how you think. Doing this work before or alongside EQ work (which I’m also certified in) just expands growth and development further.


This sounds like it will take a lot of time. I’m really busy.

It's not a lot of time unless just over 2 of the 168 hours you have to work with each week, is a lot.

One 75-minute live class and around an hour of outside homework each week. The skills you practice aren’t added work to your day, you just do differently things you would have done anyway.


How many people are in each cohort?

This one is 4-8 people. Keeping it small since this is the first “larger” group. Though I’ve been coaching and training this program for some time.


It’s a lot of money.

Only you can decide if the growth/change you seek is worth the investment. If your goal involves generating more revenue in some way, your goal would have to be REALLY low in order to not make your money back.

If you’re goal is more self/personal development, what is the psychological cost for the situation staying the way it is?  Which cost is higher? That’s an answer you need to know for yourself.

I’ll also share that I’ve gone through the program – which was required before getting certified – and paid more than this cohort costs. So there’s that.


I’m kind of private. A group setting sounds invasive.

You only share what you want to share with the group. We don’t go around the group with everyone required to share their program goal, or spill about their experience over the previous week. You share what you want and speak up if and when you want.

The only people who see your assessment report are you and me. Even if your company pays for the course, I can’t ethically share your report with them. If you want to share it with anyone, that’s up to you.


I’m just not ready. Maybe I’ll do it later.

Your brain wants you to stay safe so it will do its best to keep you where you are. If you’ve read the webpage and now have gotten down to this question, you're clearly intrigued. Consider whether perhaps a little fear, procrastination, indecisiveness, etc., is what’s driving your decision to delay.

Those very thinking patterns are likely the same ones are holding you back elsewhere. This course shows you how to be free of those blocks and make decisions rooted in helpful thinking patterns.