Traffic lightYour worklife can be stressful, but often we're moving so fast that it's challenging to know specifically what area(s) could benefit from attention first. This quick quiz will help you drill down to specifics.
For each question, check the answer which most closely describes your experience. Once you've completed the quiz, check the email you signed up with to learn your score and what it means.
I'll also be sending you some specific tips and resources if there are particularly challenging areas.

Good luck!

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    I follow a clear plan each workday.
    I easily readjust priorities as needed.
    I make adequate progress on long-term projects.
    My meetings are productive/a good use of time.
    I know what motivates me to do my best work.
    Interruptions are not a problem for me.
    I feel rested, healthy and energized.
    I project a confident, capable, poised image.
    I always do important -not easy- tasks first.
    I'm very comfortable delegating work.
    I'm at ease handling conflict at work.
    My workload is reasonable and do-able.
    I effectively take and access notes.
    I use one calendar/system.
    My "style" seems to mesh well with others.
    I can always focus when needed.
    I effectively manage tasks and projects.
    I handle email to my satisfaction.
    Procrastination is never an issue for me.
    I like my work and enjoy my job.
    I’m content with how my time is spent.