Staying Focused

The web is a rabbit hole that can steal your entire day. Here's a focus app that will keep you from wandering.

Training Your Brain/Meditation

If you agree that physical fitness training is smart, it stands to reason that mental fitness training is as well. Keep meditation support at your fingertips and use "found" bits of time to re-energize yourself and your brain.

TenPercentHappier is a book, website, podcast and app, each geared to help support your brain training practice. I tap into one or more of the resources every single day.

Insight Timer is a great free app to support your practice.

Susan Piver is a wonderful, real-world meditation teacher who offers a weekly no-charge meditation video. Her Open Heart Project is a global mindfulness community offering courses, retreats, etc.

Paper Shredding

Purging paper and files that are no longer needed can be a challenge since information may be sensitive and it's worrisome to just throw it all away. Here is a St. Louis resource for shredding.