Relief from stress is a phone call away

If you’re stressed right now – keep reading. Relief is ahead.

Moment of truth: I wish I had Dear Abby’s job. (Not now, because she’s dead. But before when she had an advice column.) Every day she sorted through challenges that readers shared and came up with thoughtful ways to work through difficult situations. 

That job combined writing, helping people, giving advice and working in slippers. It’s perfect!

Thinking about what I can do to help people during this insane time, it occurred to me that as an executive coach I’m a good listener and people in tough situations often tell me they feel better after we talk. So I’m creating Dear Abby-ish — via phone. (Though you can email me if you like.)

Have something that’s driving you to the edge? Is the urge to punch someone getting stronger by the day? Do you fear exposure via ZOOM is going to destroy us all ? Are you waiting in your car for Total Wine to open in the morning? Have you started to talk to your volleyball? (Wilson!!!) Are your nightmares now about running out of toilet paper? Do you wonder if this is ever going to end? Or if the new normal will ever be back to the old normal?

Though I’m making light because sometimes humor can help, the stress people (perhaps you) are feeling is real. Suffering through endless – or even frequent mental turmoil doesn’t have to be  your reality. Take a few minutes to get what’s bothering you off of your chest and take away an idea or two to cope a little better. Relief from stress is just a phone call away.

Book your free 15-minute “I’m Losing My Mind” call here.  Prefer to send an email? Find me at mary at mckcoaching dot com.