Sometimes Winners Quit

You know what they say…

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

I’m afraid I’m going to hop on my soapbox to take issue with this ridiculous idea.

Smart people know when to quit and are not hesitant or embarrassed to do so.  Don’t let people guilt you into continuing with something that you know isn’t right for you. Don’t force yourself to keep plugging away at something because you paid good money or there’s no one to replace you or you’re afraid to disappoint people.

Quitting takes courage. It takes courage to say,

“This isn’t working for me anymore so I need to step back.”

“This job/project/idea/commitment has become unworkable.”

“The debate is never going to result in mutual understanding, so I’m going to let it go.”

“I thought I wanted this but now that I’m actually pursuing it, I don’t want it after all.

As a quitter you DO win because once you stop doing or pursuing something that no longer serves you, you have time to spend on things that DO serve you.  Trade commitments that drain you for commitments that energize you. Maybe calling it “trading” rather than quitting makes it more comfortable to own, but quitting really is OK. Even if all you do with that extra time is read for pleasure, sleep more or spend time smelling the roses.

Don’t be afraid to be a quitter and don’t flinch if someone calls you out for it.

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