No Phone Zone — Being Productive on the Road

No Phone ZoneUse time in the car to think– and STAY OFF OF THE PHONE. I’m not a fan of multitasking, and talking on the phone (or worse, texting) is a multitasking habit that can have, and has had, grave consequences.

Statistics show that being on the phone is akin to driving drunk. It reduces brain activity associated with driving by 37%. For those who say talking on the phone is the same as talking to a passenger, I politely disagree.

Some thoughts and steps to keep you productive and more importantly, safe…

  • Never text and drive. Never. Don’t read texts. Don’t write texts. If you’ve done it in the past and escaped any negative consequences, consider yourself lucky and know that your luck will run out.
  • Business-people are busier than ever and I frequently hear that if time in the car isn’t used to make phone calls there is no way that sufficient work can get done. If you feel you must continue to conduct business from your car, at least vow to use voice dialing and hands-free equipment. Even that’s not ideal, but it’s a step. Pulling over into a parking lot is a much better plan.
  • Consider where you are when you are on the phone. It’s astounding seeing parents on the phone in the car line at school during drop-off and pick-up times. What does it say to a child that whoever is on the phone is more important than being in the moment to wish them a good day or to give them full attention greeting them at the end of the day? And, moreover, kids model parent’s behavior. It’s hypocritical for parents to scold or be surprised if their new teenage driver takes on the bad phone habits learned from years of watching their parents do the same.
  • How important is the call? If something tragic happened and you had to tell the story about why you were on the phone at that time, how would you feel? Even if all that happened is that you wreck your own car — no injuries — how mad would you be at yourself?
  • Every day people lament about how busy life is. How there’s barely a moment to relax on this giant hamster wheel of busyness. Well, the world isn’t going to slow down, so you have to proactively take back control of your time and set boundaries. You want some quiet time? Make your car a No Phone Zone.

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