Nimble is the new normal: Using time wisely in an otherwise crazy time

The experiences people are having amidst this pandemic are all over the map. People who are sick or healthy, have jobs or are unemployed, are navigating having children at home or not, are busier than ideal or have a little more time on their hands, are climbing the walls of isolation or kind of enjoy the chance to disconnect a bit more.

This post is for those people who have a bit more time on their hands than usual. If this is you, read a little more.

The focus of my coaching practice is working with business owners and leaders on time management and people/leadership skills. One refrain I hear repeatedly is that things are so busy that there’s just not time for concentrated focus on improving business infrastructure or professional development. In the normal worklife, grabbing bits and pieces of time to work on the business or improve skills in a specific area is about as good as it gets.

That’s why right now presents such a pivotal opportunity. Only taking into consideration no commute, less time going from meeting to meeting or driving from appointment to appointment, you likely find yourself with a few extra hours a week. That’s a lot of time!

What could you do with that time that will help you going forward? The new normal isn’t going to be like the old normal. How can you prepare yourself and your business? What will allow you to be as nimble as is certain to be required to navigate what’s ahead?

In my found time, while I’m still serving clients, I’m also pursuing two certifications so I can be and even more valuable partner to my clients and their teams. Website updates are making for a better user experience and allowing me to share more free resources. I’m reading more, trying to get better at making short videos (which I do not enjoy) and making improvements in a couple of small physical ways.

This is no time to for anyone to feel guilty about not using this time to the fullest. Because what “the fullest” means may be different for you because as stated above, everyone is having a different experience. Wherever you are is OK.

It bears noting that painting several rooms, getting better at cooking, cleaning out my closet and starting a consistent yoga practice are not getting done. And likely won’t.

If you’ve considered coaching but have just been too busy to consider it, perhaps we should talk. That’s not a commitment. In coaching “fit” is critical. And I may not even focus on the area that you need. In which case I may be able to share some names of other coaches you can check out.

The point is that you don’t want to look back at this weird time and wish you had taken better advantage of it. No regrets is a powerful way to live each day. Though I’m pretty sure I’m going to regret – just a little – not being a better cook when this is all over. 😉

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