Advice helpful tips in A Sweat Life's article. About a five-minute read.

Melissa Rudy over at SPARKPEOPLE cites some crucial advice from my book, "Making Minutes Matter." A quick read with lots of great tips!

Part two of my conversation with Ken Newhouse's on his helpful podcast.

Sat down with Ken Newhouse to discuss elevating your time management techniques and more... Check out part two as well.

Talk commitments vs. goals, the myth of habits, and the benefit of an accomplishments journal, among other things with Gary Wilbers on his CHARGE podcast.

I sit down with Craig Hall to discuss the importance of values when positioning your business and how to attract clients by establishing what makes your business unique.

I had the opportunity to discuss nuances of religion in the workplace with other incredible experts – Rick Shore, Victoria Wors, Samantha Naes, and Gerald Richardson. Sensitive subject that requires skill to manage in the workplace.

In this segment of SuperManager, I, along with Rick Shore, Victoria Wors, Samantha Naes, and Gerald Richardson discuss the "Me Too" movement and how employees and businesses can handle it strategically and mindfully.

As you all know, Making Minutes Matter is a project I'm thrilled to share with you. If you're interested in learning more, check out this release to learn more about what the book has to offer.

It's always exciting to spot my work on resource roundups. My book, Making Minutes Matter made the list as a top book for summer business reading list over on Carol Ruth's "Business Unplugged" site. Check it out.

Exciting news (for me anyway ;-): Making Minutes Matter featured in the Dispatch! "For the first time Kutheis harnesses the mindset and tools of the Making Minutes Matter Method™ in written form, for use by all business leaders whether they operate a large division in corporate America or run a small business or organization."

Another exciting mention for Making Minutes Matter! This time over on Hype News. The article gives a great run down of my book, so if you're curious, pop on over to the site here.

Making Minutes Matter: One of Ten Best Books for Business Owners

Making Minutes Matter was featured over on Seek Business Capital's website as one of the 10 Best Books for Business Owners Recommended by Real Entrepreneurs. Best part? It's #1!

It's an honor to be listed among the likes of The Alchemist, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and some of Seth Godin's works. I'm #26 in this list of awesome books. How many have you read?




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