7 Tasks More Likely to Get Done When Scheduled

Micro-scheduling your entire day usually doesn’t work. Life and business are so fluid that in most jobs you need to be nimbler than that. Of course meetings and appointments need to be scheduled on your calendar but some tasks also stand a much better chance of getting done when you block time for them.

Some of these may be second nature to you and as such don’t require scheduling. But if you find yourself wanting or meaning to do these things and they just keep not getting done or done with regularity, schedule them on your calendar and intensify your commitment.

  • Reading – Journals, newspapers or books. For business or pleasure, the benefits of reading are great. People who read are better writers and better thinkers.
  • Meditating/slowing down to breathe – Days are busy and rushed so it never feels like a natural time to step back and reset with some quiet time or deep breathing. Make your “natural” time the time you planned.
  • Workng on your business – This requires quiet time and isn’t easily checked off of your To Do list. Great business ideas surface when you quiet your mind. Scheduling 30 minutes of thinking time can generate 10 minutes of solid business creativity.
  • Exercise – If exercise isn’t one of your favorite things, you’re more likely to get the workout in if you commit to it on your calendar. Carve out the time in advance instead of seeing what time you have left to squeeze it in.
  • Decluttering – Your office or your home. Stuff comes into your space with very little effort but getting rid of things takes planning and decision-making. Don’t do it and pretty soon you’re overrun with stuff, which ultimately clutters your brain, too.
  • Writing notes by hand – A great batch activity. If you want to connect with someone, sending a personal note by mail makes you stand out and is lovely to receive. Have your supplies handy and dash off several at a time.
  • Any task you hate – Thinning out email, filing, reconciling your bank account, completing expense reports, etc. These tasks always end up at the bottom of the list if you view them as unpleasant. Commit to a time and knock ‘em out.

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