Building Mental Muscle

It's a bit ironic that people paid for their knowledge have so little time to think. And when there is time, thinking is often trapped in unhelpful patterns.

This session shares insights and proven and practical strategies for putting your brain to work for you and what matters to you.

Presentation modules can include:

  • An eye-opening exercise about the expectations you have for yourself
  • Why personal and professional skill improvements are often not sustained
  • How to build mental muscle and what becomes available when you do
  • The one question to ask when you're stuck, overwhelmed or at the end of your rope
  • Interactive exercises to experience the amazing power of the brain
  • Learning how focused thinking time increases fulfillment and value
  • Techniques to master thinking in a variety of situations
  • Simple tools to enhance the thinking process and boost productivity and creativity
  • How to develop habits that restore, rather than deplete your energy

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