Get Organized, Get Focused, Get Things Done

It’s all about getting things done, right? Rarely a day goes by that you don’t have some kind of To Do list going, both personally and professionally. You need a simple but effective system that doesn’t take forever to set up or stress you out trying to keeping up with it. Employ this system and conquer that To Do list.

In this program learn:

  • Three To Do lists that improve your productivity and recover your sanity, too
  • Two kinds of focus that when mastered, make you the master of your productivity
  • How to combat influences that threaten your ability to focus
  • How to consistently identify and tackle your highest priority tasks first
  • How to manage two kinds of interruptions and that derail your day
  • What to do about projects that stall and haunt your To Do list forever
  • What to do with papers that tend to pile up on your desk

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