Two Steps to Getting the Right Tasks Done

Your task list is long. It might even be overwhelming. It’s definitely overwhelming if you have several partially done tasks lists — and I see that a lot. You may even have a folder on your desk somewhere titled ASAP or URGENT. Maybe more than one of those. You’re not alone. There is just to get done and you’re ambitious – which is an admirable thing.

Here’s how to make your list work for you and make certain you’re getting the right tasks done.

First, grab all those half-done lists and consolidate them onto one list. Next find the scraps of paper where you’ve jotted down things you need to do and add them to the big list. Finally get everything out of your head that may bouncing around but haven’t been captured on paper yet.

Now you have one giant, clean list.

Second.  Pick three – just three – tasks off of that list and put them on your daily task list.  This is the list you work from throughout the day.  With just three things on your list at any one time, you can quickly prioritize and reprioritize as necessary.

When those three tasks are complete, you can go back and get three more tasks – or maybe fewer dependent upon how much time you have left to work that day.

It would be great to get dozens of things done every day, but it’s just not likely.  Be realistic about your expectations and create a process where you can succeed. You’ll find that you actually get more done by focusing on fewer items at a time. If you want an even more robust, yet simple process to get things done, check out this course.

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