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This assessment brings to the surface insights about how you work, what motivates you, how people should - and should not - communicate with you, what specific value you bring to your organization, and more .

Do you lead a small business or a team?

That old saying that there is no "I" in team is ridiculous. Good teams are made of individuals who may be very different but can collaborate happily and effectively when they understand one another.  Wise leaders know that increasing understanding and appreciation within the team improves collaboration, effectiveness, productivity and ultimately profitability. Who doesn't want that?

No one. That's who.

How this whole "free" thing works

This complimentary assessment is offered to you if you're seriously considering Executive Coaching, or are interested in conducting these assessments as a team strengthening exercise.

Just complete the information on the form and you'll receive a link to the assessment. Once you've completed the assessment I'll reach out to you to schedule a complimentary debrief. At that time we'll talk about either Executive Coaching or how you'd like to use this with your team...or both! You'll receive a report to keep as well.

Except under certain circumstances, I can't allow more than one person from an organization to take this complimentary assessment. But if you feel that you may have some of those certain circumstances, just contact me to talk it over.

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