Private Coaching

One-on-one private coaching allows you to make significant changes through consistent focused effort with me as your coaching partner. We pinpoint the areas where you want to improve your results, develop solutions specifically designed to work with your habits and preferences, put processes into action, and employ techniques to ingrain new behaviors so they become routine for you.

With coaching you gain strategies and tactics if you are sufficiently motivated but simply don’t know what to do. If you know what to do but can’t seem to make yourself do it — better known as procrastination — we tackle that, too. Included in the package:

  • Review of results from your MCK Coaching Assessment
  • Review of Strengths, Challenges and Goals document
  • Two structured 50-60 minute sessions per month
  • Two Laser Focus mini-sessions per month during the weeks after a structured session
  • Email and text support for duration of the engagement
  • All resource information, templates, documents, etc. that pertain to our work
  • Three months of collaboration 

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