Core Values Discovery

Your Core Values drive every choice you make and every opinion you have. They determine how happy and fulfilled you are at work and in life. And you might be surprised to know what they are. Everyone wants “world peace” right? But is that value actually driving you in your everyday life?

When I discovered my Core Values I had a lightning bolt of understanding about why certain jobs made me miserable, why some relationships didn’t last, and why certain work lit me up.  I also learned that I’m on exactly the right path in my career.

In this program you receive detailed instructional materials to guide you in making preliminary choices about your Core Values. When you’ve completed that work and shared it with me, we schedule a one-on-one session where we drill down to pinpoint your Core Values.

At the same time, we identify your Anti Values, information which also provides powerful insight for decision-making going forward.

Knowing your Core Values and Anti Values may or may not change your life, but the information will immeasurably change your understanding of your life. The clarity and focus you achieve will impact you every day.

Investment: $137

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