The Self-Leadership 1-2-3™ program uses data from the VQ Profile® Assessment combined with cutting edge principles, practices and processes of NCRT* to quickly teach you the foundational core competencies and master the life skills of Valuegenic Self-Leadership

*Neuro-axiological Cognitive Remodeling (Sounds more intense than it is.)

Is there any endeavor, situation, or activity in which the ability to engage ones BEST thinking wouldn't be helpful?

Having diagnosed the thinking of thousands of people, we know that a significant percentage of human behavior and performance is driven by less-than-best ways of thinking.

Knowing what those unhelpful ways of thinking are and being able to, at will, shift to your own ingrained helpful ways of thinking is extraordinarily powerful And the key to successful self leadership.

Why would you need a coach?

Just like a coach in sports, I help you play at the top of your "A" game.

You can make progress on your own up to a point, but then results start to flatten out.

A coach enhances the speed of change and helps you uncover what you may not have realized was standing in your way.

All coaches are not the same. Plus, it's critical for you and your coach to "fit." If you and I talk, maybe it will make sense to move forward.

If it doesn't, I'm happy to share some resources and/or make connections for you that may help.