Don’t Put Off Reading This Post About Procrastination

There aren’t many resources that I couldn’t live without, but this is one of them. It’s all about procrastination.

Tim Pychyl, Ph.D.  is the Director of the Centre for Initiatives in Education and an Associate Professor of Psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa.  Tim’s website, Procrastination Research Group is packed with helpful resources to help people better understand and deal with procrastination.

His podcasts feature various experts who study the subject and he also interviews regular folk who have developed strategies to overcome the challenge.  If you struggle with procrastination I urge you to visit his site, pick up his book (pictured here), give the podcasts a listen, check out the research and even have a laugh.

He admits to his own bouts with procrastination and in doing so removes much of the stigma we may attach to the problem.  Almost everyone I know procrastinates about something. In fact as I write this I truly can’t think of one person who doesn’t, including me.

Procrastination can perhaps be overcome entirely though I’ve not seen that happen. What I have seen is that through techniques like the ones Tim shares, (and others you can find on my site) you can get much much better at controlling it. And that’s a pretty good outcome, too.

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