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How Does It Work?

the framework - All stepS NOT required for every package

First, we talk

Fit is vital. Are we right for each other? The only way to know is to have a conversation. We both need to agree that working together will get you where you want to be. If collaboration seems right to both of us, we go to the next step.

Define the Goal(s)

Part of the onboarding process is defining where you want to be to make certain our path gets you there. If you’re not sure what you want, and just know what you don’t want, we can talk it through. You don’t have to figure this out alone anymore.


Experience and intuition is important. So is science. You’ll take an assessment or two so you can understand yourself better and so I can understand you. Of course, you get a personal debrief and a copy of each report. 

schedule sessions

For efficiency, sessions are scheduled up front on a consistent day and time. Of course, things come up where a sessions needs to be moved, but scheduling in advance prevents wasting valuable coaching time on matching up calendars. You also choose phone or ZOOM. 


Having a goal isn’t enough. There has to be commitment to following through with the necessary to reach that goal. During full sessions we mutually agree upon up to three commitments you’ll focus on until our next full session. Those are emailed to you after the session. This keeps progress consistent, but not overwhelming. 

Acknowledge success

Along the way we take time to acknowledge progress toward your goal. So many people suffer from Accomplishment Blindness – only focusing on what doesn’t get done. There’s a better way to look at how you invest your time.


check the map

Dependent upon how long we work together, we look back at the original intent of the engagement and how we’re doing getting there. Did we get there and are now on the second leg? Was it decided that the original destination needed to shift? Or maybe we’re on track, building on progress toward the original goal.


As our collaboration comes to a close, we figuratively toast to your efforts, accomplishments, successes and reaching your goal (or progress toward it). It’s like before and after pictures of major home renovations. It’s thrilling seeing the old and new side-by-side and be energized by the beautiful new space. YOU are the before and after in coaching.

what's next?

Because you’ve chosen to work with a coach, you’re clearly invested in your own personal and professional growth. What’s next for you? Perhaps a much-deserved break! You might begin thinking about your next goal and how you plan to get there. You may choose to work with me again, or maybe you tackle some things on your own or take a course or work with a different coach who specializes in another area. 

Coaching Packages


Six months or one year of weekly sessions
Combination of Full (50-60 minutes) and Laser Focus (15 minutes) for either package

Unlimited email support

This takes the Think, Do Package one step further to encompass how you are Being. This can include getting unstuck, deciding wether to make a big move of some kind and then finding the motivation to follow through, being a more effective leader, creating a life in balance (we develop what that means to you), making time for self-care, making progress on personal goals that have been pushed aside for too long, etc.

It takes time, commitment, consistent practice and outside support to create and sustain changes in thinking and behavior. You’ll be more successful reaching your goals with a coach, accountability partner, confidant, idea generator, question asker and always-in-your-corner supporter.

Think, Do Package

Three months of weekly sessions

Combination of Full (50-60 minutes) and Laser Focus (15-30 minutes)

Limited email support

This takes the Think Package a step further to how you Do what you do. It can include skills and processes related to productivity including: time management, prioritizing, task tracking, email management, leading meetings, etc. Goals related to Emotional intelligence (EQ) — which includes how you see yourself, how you express yourself, how you interact with others, how you make decisions and how you handle stress — may also be on your radar.

The focus of the sessions is based on your specific needs and goals, which are established at the start of the engagement – with my help if needed. (Sometimes clients don’t know what they want, they just know what they don’t want any more.)

We use our best thinking to do what we do, even better. It’s a powerful combination.

Think Package

Eight weeks of weekly sessions

Limited email support

How you think is at the root of everything you do. Keeping that in mind, (no pun intended) we have both helpful and unhelpful thinking patterns. Sadly we habitually use unhelpful thinking patterns 85% of the time! We can still get results we want when we’re thinking in unhelpful ways, it’s just makes it more stressful, more difficult and more drama filled. 

In this “self-leadership” coaching package learn exactly how you think from 36 different perspectives and how you can tap into your best ways of thinking any time you choose. This isn’t about motivational sayings or affirmations. It’s using science to understand yourself and then use that insight to your advantage.

Information. Insight. Skills. Practice. A better way to work and live.

Confidant Package

One year of monthly sessions

Unlimited email support

Many of my coaching clients “graduate” from their full coaching engagement, but still want a trusted partner to help them navigate challenges and opportunities. Lost in our own thoughts, we come up with the same ideas and face the same roadblocks over and over again. It’s circular thinking at its most frustrating. Adding a second brain brings fresh thinking, a different perspective, new ideas and draws your own insights that may be blocked, to the surface.

Clients have expressed a sense of relief knowing that when something challenging comes up, they already have a trusted partner to engage with.

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