Time Management

nimble is the new normal

Nimble is the new normal: Using time wisely in an otherwise crazy time

The experiences people are having amidst this pandemic are all over the map. People who are sick or healthy, have jobs or are unemployed, are navigating having children at home or not, are busier than ideal or have a little more time on their hands, are climbing the walls of isolation or kind of enjoy the chance to disconnect a bit more. This post is for those people who have a bit more time on their hands than usual. If this is you, read a little more.

The One Word Question You Must Answer to Reach Your Goals

Think about an initiative to grow your business you intend to tackle or perhaps a self-development program you’ve been meaning to start. Could be coming up with a robust marketing plan, writing that book, losing 10 pounds, getting a better job, becoming more active in a social cause, etc.

Got one? Good.

Now, you need to be able to answer this one-word question.

100 percent

Why You Shouldn’t Always Give 100%

There’s a habit in the thinking process that will destroy your best plans to reach your goals. When you have a goal the intention is to go for it 100%. Really commit yourself, right? So when there’s a small lapse or something is preventing you from forging ahead the way you planned, it seems easy to ditch that effort and promise to start again another time.

How to Have More Time to Be Creative

Being spontaneous is creative, adventurous and fun, right? Not being spontaneous is for rule followers, rigid thinkers and sticks in the mud. Nobody wants to be defined that way!

Many proudly spontaneous folks bristle at the idea of planning. They think that only uptight, Type A sorts plan everything out and that doing so stifles creativity.

Yeah, well. They’re wrong about that.

how to use five minutes

How to Kick Butt When You Only Have Five Minutes

Often you find yourself with five minutes (or so) between meetings or perhaps while waiting for someone to call you “right back,” or even in the carpool line. It doesn’t seem like it’s enough time to get anything significant done and if you start something you’ll just get interrupted and lose focus so why even start, right? When that happens the default choice is usually to get on your phone and check email or

5 Ways to Get to the Point Quickly

Learning, I’m usually a bottom-liner. I want to know what I’m supposed to learn and right now, please. I don’t need seven examples illustrating the point or three case studies about people who implemented this new process or idea.

Here are five instances when you might be able to get to your point more quickly, saving yourself and others time and probably annoyance, too.

Why Work Life Balance is a Myth – and What is Real

Have you, like me, had it up to your eyeballs with the term work life balance? Enough already.

For starters, the term itself is flawed. Work and life are not two opposite sides of the scale you’re trying to balance. Work is part of life, not distinct from life.

Second, the idea of balance is overrated. Balance indicates an even-ness, an equality that’s difficult, if not impossible to attain. For instance,

Two Checklists to Make Your Day Productive and Focused

How much more productive could you be if the start and end to your workday were focused and organized?

Set up a quick system that allows you to go on autopilot at these two important times in your workday. Quick Start and Wrap Up Checklists give you a rock solid process to be as efficient as possible. See the sample lists below. The items on these lists are fairly obvious, (yours may be different) but without having these tasks written down

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