Six Ways to Make Sure Your New Year's Resolution Fails

Make it vague. Lots of folks make resolutions like, Get in Shape, or Get Organized or Stay in Touch with Friends. What the heck do any of those really mean to you? Specificity is extremely important because at some point — on January 2nd perhaps, you’re going to have to dive into this task. If your plan is vague, or non-existent, you won’t know what actions you need to do. And coming up with those actions

The Procrastinator’s #1 Favorite Task

You’re at work and you’ve got your To Do list. It’s prioritized with the most important tasks at the top of the list and you’re just about ready to jump in and Get Stuff Done. But the first task is something you’re not really fond of doing. So, you decide it would be a good idea to check email just to make certain something more important hasn’t come in that would take precedence over the unpleasant #1 task already on your list.

And there it is.

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