How to Boost Productivity AND Creativity

“I have to be spontaneous. Structure saps all of my creativity. Routine is boring.”

I hear this all the time from creative types, but the thinking is flawed. Established routines serve two important functions:

Routines allow you to do certain things without expending too much brain power . Doing specific things at certain times of the day, following processes, even adhering to checklists means you think less about

slipping not failing

Slipping is Not the Same as Failing

Have you ever successfully used a system to take notes, manage paper flow, handle email or keep your office looking decent and then one day you realize that not only are you not using the system anymore, your notes, papers, email or entire office are out of control.

What usually follows this realization is, “Argh! I can get organized why can’t I stay organized.” Or, “That system didn’t work for me. Need to try something else.”

Yeah. You’re not alone.

handling email

Death. Taxes. Email.

You enjoy dealing with email about as much as you enjoy death and taxes. But like death and taxes, email’s a certainty. The methods to receive email keep growing; desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets, iPad. Additionally, most people have multiple emails addresses. So you can fight a losing battle or

business card collecting

One of the Biggest Dumbest Networking Mistakes

Too often at networking events it seems as though there is a secret contest for who can collect the most business cards. Which might not be THE biggest or dumbest mistake, but in my business I see what happens to those cards. While intentions may be good, when folks get back to the (busy) office the cards get tossed in an ever-growing pile on the desk — the black hole of undeveloped connections.

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