The One Word Question You Must Answer to Reach Your Goals

Think about an initiative to grow your business you intend to tackle or perhaps a self-development program you’ve been meaning to start. Could be coming up with a robust marketing plan, writing that book, losing 10 pounds, getting a better job, becoming more active in a social cause, etc.

Got one? Good.

Now, you need to be able to answer this one-word question.

9 ways to decimate productivity

Productivity: 9 Surefire Ways to Decimate It

See if these describe you or someone with whom you work…

Procrastinate: That thing that you don’t want to do isn’t going to be any more appealing if you put it off for hours, days or weeks. Do it or decide you’ll never do it but quit avoiding it and making yourself miserable.
Hoard information: Being the holder of all of the information simply means other people on the team are in the dark. A team that’s working half in the dark can’t reach the goal in any kind of timely or profitable way. Having more information doesn’t make you more valuable.


The Skill that Leads to More Happiness

Days are packed with tasks that need to be done. And if just looking at a giant list and choosing which to start on isn’t challenging enough, making the best choice about how to track all the items is a huge project in itself. There are dozens of software programs, apps, tools and methods to make sure your to do list isn’t just rattling around in your head. Which system is best?

It’s difficult to know for sure so

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