client from hell and wimpy manager

A Guide to Surviving the Client from Hell and the Wimpy Manager

You have a horrible client who is not only demanding, but rude and dismissive as well. Your manager, believing that this client’s business is very important, does nothing. If it was your company you’d fire the client, but it’s not your company. You know from past experience that your boss will never do anything to help the situation. Sure, once in awhile she tells you she knows how awful it is, but the situation never changes. Getting up the nerve for you to say something to the client would be pretty much impossible. But even it were possible it would probably result in a reprimand in your personnel file, a demotion or getting fired — and you need this job.

What do you do?

winning strategy

Why Tom Coughlin of the New York Giants Won

Most accomplished people have rules they live by. Tom Coughlin, Coach of the New York Giants, was being interviewed about his book Earn the Right to Win: How Success in Any Field Starts with Superior Preparation. He shared four rules he lives by that set him up to achieve tremendous success. Try them on for size…


The Clock is Ticking Toward The Deadline

Last week our son was unscheduled so he and I tackled some projects around the house in between my work commitments. The result of one of our projects? — A porch-full of items for charity. I wanted to get rid of that stuff for a long while. But for some reason, last week it was like a fire had been set under us. Why the change in attitude about getting started?

While working with a client last week, we tackled an office project that had been weighing on her mind. As we worked on it, she looked at me and asked, “Why is this so much easier when you’re here?”

Six Ways to Make Sure Your New Year's Resolution Fails

Make it vague. Lots of folks make resolutions like, Get in Shape, or Get Organized or Stay in Touch with Friends. What the heck do any of those really mean to you? Specificity is extremely important because at some point — on January 2nd perhaps, you’re going to have to dive into this task. If your plan is vague, or non-existent, you won’t know what actions you need to do. And coming up with those actions

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