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How do you tell a colleague or employee they need a coach?

In a recent meeting, a colleague (we’ll call him Mark) mentioned that his client (Brian) a great guy in many ways, could use a coach in a specific area. Mark asked how to bring up that Brian would benefit from working with an executive coach without it being awkward or insulting. The answer lies in changing Mark’s perception of executive coaching.

Why Work Life Balance is a Myth – and What is Real

Have you, like me, had it up to your eyeballs with the term work life balance? Enough already.

For starters, the term itself is flawed. Work and life are not two opposite sides of the scale you’re trying to balance. Work is part of life, not distinct from life.

Second, the idea of balance is overrated. Balance indicates an even-ness, an equality that’s difficult, if not impossible to attain. For instance,


Inventions and Gadgets: Save Time or Take Time?

So many people are struggling with trying to get “everything” done. Many years ago when inventions came along they helped save time. The automobile made travel faster. Refrigerators and freezers meant fewer trips to the grocery store. Inventions like the washing machine not only made keeping clothes clean much simpler but because the task no longer required our constant involvement, it allowed for time to be spent doing something else. You could be washing clothes and relaxing with a book at the same time.

But the best inventions today usually require more of our time, not less.


Unplugged. And the Earth Continued to Revolve.

Re-entry from a week-long vacation. It was a mostly lazy week at the beach with family. A little bit of sightseeing, but mostly kicking back and relaxing. Upon my return I woke up energized and ready to take on the email and tasks that had collected in my absence.

The laptop went along in order to spend some time writing and of course my iPhone was tucked safely into the carry-on — but I still unplugged almost completely. My life and career have been built so that everything doesn’t collapse if I’m out of touch. I work because I love what I do but I also work in order to have enough money to not work.

Many people not only crave busy-ness but require it and

Why Being Content Isn’t for Losers

Passive. Complacent. Resting on one’s laurels. Unambitious. Mediocre.

Those are words some people believe are synonymous with being “content.” That somehow being content connotes settling for less than one might achieve.

I could not possibly disagree more.

Contentment holds an important position on what I call the Life Mood Scale, shown below. And you’ll note, Complacence is there, too.

how to nap

Powernaps: The Why and How of Sleeping on the Job

I’m an expert napper. I come from a long-line of experienced nappers, including my mom who probably found it a necessity with five children under nine years old. She eloquently called it “resting my eyes.” My husband has even learned the art and taken to it like a champ (though not at work, yet).

This talent used to be something to be kept undercover (See what I did there?) because nappers were considered slackers. But early in my career

life balance

Life Balance is B.S.

Do you remember giving the balance beam a try in grade school P.E. class? Or perhaps trying to balance a basketball on the tip of your finger, like the Harlem Globetrotters?

Funny, but even when you got sure footing for a moment on the beam, or for an instant got the ball to stay on your finger, it wasn’t like you could breathe a heavy sigh and relax. “Whew. Finally balanced for good!” No. A loud

discovery call

You Are Not Alone

Feels like it sometimes though. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a solopreneur, a small business owner, or work in a large company, it can still feel like you’re on your own to figure everything out and not sacrifice quality of life in the process.

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