Focus and Mindset

How To Know What Advice You Should Kick to the Curb

You may have heard the “big” news. Marie Kondo, the author of the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has decided she’s given up trying to keep things so tidy. It’s true. The lady who “could not suppress a gasp” when she saw a client’s socks rolled into balls for storage, now says that with …

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President's Physical Fitness

How grade school gym class messed up my life

You may remember the President’s Physical Fitness Test. A couple of times a year school-age kids were required to participate in specific exercise challenges to determine a level of fitness. Some kids were great at it. Other kids, like me, were scarred for years, even decades, from the torturous experience. Sounds like an overreaction doesn’t it?

10 percent happier meditation

Meditation isn’t what I thought it was

I’ve tried meditation off and on for over a decade, but hadn’t been able to make a consistent practice stick. I’m not certain what’s different about now, but something is.

This meditation practice started when I read 10% Happier by Dan Harris. He’s a successful, competitive, cynical, sometimes hard-edged reporter for ABC who, after having an on-air panic attack, turned to meditation. I liked him instantly because he didn’t approach meditation with a “group hug in the harmony hut” mentality.  I could relate to him.

The One Word Question You Must Answer to Reach Your Goals

Think about an initiative to grow your business you intend to tackle or perhaps a self-development program you’ve been meaning to start. Could be coming up with a robust marketing plan, writing that book, losing 10 pounds, getting a better job, becoming more active in a social cause, etc.

Got one? Good.

Now, you need to be able to answer this one-word question.

How to Get Focused Fast

Yesterday morning – a very busy morning — I noticed that our bathroom sink was leaking in a significantly distressing way. The day was packed with work commitments so I couldn’t get to it until the evening. I pulled off the faucet handles so no one would use the sink. (I could have left a note, you say? You’re a very funny person. A note that needs to be read? Hah!)

I’m pretty handy so I tried a few things but

achieving goals

Achieving Goals One Step at a Time

You’re going on vacation but haven’t settled on a destination.

Should you fill up the car with gas or make airline reservations? Hard to say. Depends on where you’re going. Should you pack swimsuits or sweaters? Who knows — until you know where you’re going. Can you make it a long weekend or should you plan on 7-10 days. Tough to determine that until you know how much time you’ll be spending getting to and from your destination.

It’s impossible to get to your destination and be prepared – if you don’t know where you’re going.

Two Checklists to Make Your Day Productive and Focused

How much more productive could you be if the start and end to your workday were focused and organized?

Set up a quick system that allows you to go on autopilot at these two important times in your workday. Quick Start and Wrap Up Checklists give you a rock solid process to be as efficient as possible. See the sample lists below. The items on these lists are fairly obvious, (yours may be different) but without having these tasks written down


An Easy Way to Stay Focused

You sit down at your desk in the morning and have every intention of working on most important task on your to do list. But before you get started you decide to make a quick check into email or maybe your social media feed, a news website or your favorite blog. Something you see while doing this rooting around inspires you to check out a related news site or perhaps something on YouTube. And you’re off. Off to the land of “Where the hell did the morning, go?”


The Skill that Leads to More Happiness

Days are packed with tasks that need to be done. And if just looking at a giant list and choosing which to start on isn’t challenging enough, making the best choice about how to track all the items is a huge project in itself. There are dozens of software programs, apps, tools and methods to make sure your to do list isn’t just rattling around in your head. Which system is best?

It’s difficult to know for sure so

stress relief

How to Get Through the Craziest Most Stressful Times

Last week was one for the record books in terms of busy-ness and stress. In addition to the regular work and family commitments, my husband was out of town, there were construction guys at our house, a big hunk of a neighbor’s tree fell on our fence, an out-of-town friend was staying with us, and I had a major role in a volunteer commitment that required me to be on live TV one day and emceeing the event for six hours the next day.

I require a fair amount of rejuvenation time and last week there

increase focus

Ten Easy Ways to Increase Focus

Focused people get the right things done. And we all want to get the right things done. Here, ten easy ways to increase focus.

1. Turn notifications off on your computer and smartphone. New emails are more likely to be distractions than urgent matters
2. Clear off your desk. You are less likely to be distracted by what you can’t see.
3. Do a brain dump of to do items. If you have multiple lists,

Using a timer to increase productivity

Using a timer to increase productivity works because it supports focusing long enough to get difficult or unpleasant tasks done. I’ve been touting this as smart idea since childhood. I learned it from my mom.

The simple idea is to set the timer for a short amount of time that you need to focus on a particular task and get to it.  While the timer is counting down, no checking email or surfing the web.


The Clock is Ticking Toward Your Deadline

Last week our son was unscheduled so he and I tackled some projects around the house in between my work commitments. The result of one of our projects? — A porch-full of items for charity. I wanted to get rid of that stuff for a long while. But for some reason, last week it was like a fire had been set under us. Why the change in attitude about getting started?

While working with a client last week, we tackled an office project that had been weighing on her mind. As we worked on it, she looked at me and asked, “Why is this so much easier when you’re here?”

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