Unplugged. And the Earth Continued to Revolve.

Re-entry from a week-long vacation. It was a mostly lazy week at the beach with family. A little bit of sightseeing, but mostly kicking back and relaxing. Upon my return I woke up energized and ready to take on the email and tasks that had collected in my absence.

The laptop went along in order to spend some time writing and of course my iPhone was tucked safely into the carry-on — but I still unplugged almost completely. My life and career have been built so that everything doesn’t collapse if I’m out of touch. I work because I love what I do but I also work in order to have enough money to not work.

Many people not only crave busy-ness but require it and

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Three Tips for More Productive Email

There are simple ways to draft productive email and make it less annoying. Here are three quick and easy tips you can implement right away. And the more these ideas get around, the more they will be standard procedure, making it better for all of us.

Add your phone number to your signature on ALL of your email correspondence. Too often it’s only on the first message in a thread and you can’t count on that message still being available to the reader. It’s easy to create a few signature options if you don’t want your full signature block added to every email.

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The No-Nonsense Guide To Ditching Time Management Stress

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