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Inventions and Gadgets: Save Time or Take Time?

So many people are struggling with trying to get “everything” done. Many years ago when inventions came along they helped save time. The automobile made travel faster. Refrigerators and freezers meant fewer trips to the grocery store. Inventions like the washing machine not only made keeping clothes clean much simpler but because the task no longer required our constant involvement, it allowed for time to be spent doing something else. You could be washing clothes and relaxing with a book at the same time.

But the best inventions today usually require more of our time, not less.


How to Deal with a Scorekeeper

There are people you’ll run into in your life who are scorekeepers. They keep score to keep track of who gets what. And while it might seem that they do so in order to keep things even, they’re actually more concerned with making certain they get their fair share.

Being a scorekeeper is constantly focusing on what others are getting that the scorekeeper is not. It might be attention, favors, money, gifts, referrals, opportunities or plum projects. Anything that can be bestowed on either the scorekeeper or another person is eligible for scorekeeping. “I did this for you now I expect

try decaf

Don’t Be a Punk

This week I had a great breakfast meeting and left excited about the rest of the day. I got in my car and checked email and texts before I got on the road because only selfish idiots do those tasks while on the road but I did want to see if anything in the day had changed before I got rolling.

I sat there for a minute or two but evidently a lady in a giant gas guzzler (yes, I’m being judgmental) wanted my parking spot so

"Love Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry."

From Love Story. How poignant and generous of heart.

And absurd.

Mark that down as the stupidest line in the history of famous movie lines.

It worked when Ali McGraw’s character said it to Ryan O’Neal’s character because she was dying. Sure, if you’re dying and in a movie you can say nonsensical things like that. Nobody’s going to make you live up to it!

Being willing to say I’m sorry — as well as knowing how and when to do so — is a must.

Say This to Stand Out from the Crowd

If you ask someone for help, whether or not they are able to help you, ask them this…

“And what can I do to help you?”

Via a LinkedIn poll 90% of respondents said they never get asked this question – even after they have helped someone. When we help someone it shouldn’t be with the goal of getting something in return, but asking this simple question is just old-fashioned kindness.


Sorry. I Wasn’t Listening.

Here are a few things people do when they should be listening:

Anything with a smartphone (Unless actually using it to talk so someone. Do people still do that?)
Thinking about what we’re going to say next
Deciding the other person is wrong
Finishing the other person’s sentence
Looking at our computer screen

short meetings

How a Boiling Cuppa Joe Solved a Problem

Meeting with busy people is tough. You just need a couple of minutes. Either to run an idea by a colleague to get feedback or perhaps to get quick supervisor approval on an aspect of a project before you can move on. Trouble is, the person you need to meet with is either wildly busy, frequently out of the office or due to the nature of their job, moves about the office so much that catching him is a challenge.

Not getting that time can be disappointing or frustrating – and can also affect your ability to get things done. There must be a way to deal with this problem.


Angry? You Have Three Options.

You can lose a lot of time and energy being mad. Anger can inspire, but more often it erodes productivity. So if you’re angry. Really angry. What to do?

You can stay mad. Just let the bile build up inside you until it chews you up from the inside out. Some people who choose this option think they’re good

email overload

Why You Have Too Much Email

There’s a disturbing networking trend going on. If you hand out your business card, the recipient sometimes thinks that’s permission to automatically sign you up for their bulk sales and marketing email messages.

I understand many people have something to sell, whether a product or service, and they’re therefore looking to increase

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