How to Capture To Dos On-the-Go

spiral bound index cardsIt’s one thing to sit at your desk and think of tasks you need to get done and then plunk them on your to do list. But what do you do when you’re going from place to place all day and yet still have to capture new tasks so you don’t forget about them before you get back to the office?

The good news and the bad news is that you have a LOT of options. There are dozens of apps designed specifically for task management. There are dozens more apps that offer a way to take notes, and you can use any of them to create a task list. No matter which app or software program you choose you can capture tasks on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, iPad or other portable electronic device. You can choose voice memos. If you’re more old school (like me) you can use a legal pad, scraps of paper or sticky notes (both really bad ideas), index cards (spiral bound like the image is a good choice), a moleskin, a small notepad or a planner system.

All of those can work. Which is where you get into trouble.  Many people use several of them and end up losing track of tasks because no single on-the-go list is regularly used.  A voice memo here, a sticky note there, tasks buried in meeting notes, reminders on scraps of paper.

The remedy is simple. Pick one.

Pick one app or one software program. Or one pen/paper option. Or capture everything via voice memo.  That way, when you get back to the office you just have to review one source and transfer (if transferring is necessary based on your overall task management system) what you captured onto your master to do list.

Most people don’t give one option enough time to make using it a routine before they go looking for another more interesting option. Or perhaps a person never gets around to actually choosing one option in the first place. There is no perfect solution except the one that works for you!

Let me know what you use (or choose to use going forward) and how it works for you.  I love hearing this stuff!