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work from home team

Effectively leading a team working from home

Here are some basic tips for leading your team remotely. What you need to take from here will depend largely on how you operated when you were working alongside one another. The idea is to maintain mental collaboration while being physically apart and to look after the individual needs of your people.

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executive coaching

How do you tell a colleague or employee they need a coach?

In a recent meeting, a colleague (we’ll call him Mark) mentioned that his client (Brian) a great guy in many ways, could use a coach in a specific area. Mark asked how to bring up that Brian would benefit from working with an executive coach without it being awkward or insulting. The answer lies in changing Mark’s perception of executive coaching.

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10 percent happier meditation

Meditation isn’t what I thought it was

I’ve tried meditation off and on for over a decade, but hadn’t been able to make a consistent practice stick. I’m not certain what’s different about now, but something is.

This meditation practice started when I read 10% Happier by Dan Harris. He’s a successful, competitive, cynical, sometimes hard-edged reporter for ABC who, after having an on-air panic attack, turned to meditation. I liked him instantly because he didn’t approach meditation with a “group hug in the harmony hut” mentality.  I could relate to him.

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thanksgiving stress

Why I gave up the idea of a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and if Hallmark and Butterball have anything to do with expectations, the day will be filled with group hugs, perfect food, artful decorations and so much joy that the family home emits a glow you can see from space. Maybe that’s your lived experience but it’s not mine.

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