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nimble is the new normal

Nimble is the new normal: Using time wisely in an otherwise crazy time

The experiences people are having amidst this pandemic are all over the map. People who are sick or healthy, have jobs or are unemployed, are navigating having children at home or not, are busier than ideal or have a little more time on their hands, are climbing the walls of isolation or kind of enjoy the chance to disconnect a bit more. This post is for those people who have a bit more time on their hands than usual. If this is you, read a little more.

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work from home team

Effectively leading a team working from home

Here are some basic tips for leading your team remotely. What you need to take from here will depend largely on how you operated when you were working alongside one another. The idea is to maintain mental collaboration while being physically apart and to look after the individual needs of your people.

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The No-Nonsense Guide To Ditching Time Management Stress

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