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Three Ideas to Help You Triumph in Tough Situations

The Food Network is fascinating. Particularly the Challenge shows. This is where extremely talented bakers have a limited amount of time to create magnificent sugar sculptures that soar six feet into the air, or bake elaborate, whimsical cakes that boggle the mind.

Of course, lurking in shadows

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blue angels

The Blue Angels Guide to Being the Best in Your Field

Recently I was engrossed in a Blue Angels documentary and picked up an aviation-inspired lesson. The Blue Angels are the naval aviators who make up the U.S Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron. They pilot F/A-18 Hornets through graceful, gravity-defying aerobatics and stunning wingtip-to-wingtip formations.

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procrastinating with email

The Procrastinator’s #1 Favorite Task

You’re at work and you’ve got your To Do list. It’s prioritized with the most important tasks at the top of the list and you’re just about ready to jump in and Get Stuff Done. But the first task is something you’re not really fond of doing. So, you decide it would be a good idea to check email just to make certain something more important hasn’t come in that would take precedence over the unpleasant #1 task already on your list.

And there it is.

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