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confrontation to conversation

How to shift from confrontation to conversation

In a conversation, misunderstanding and disagreements can happen before both people have even had a chance to speak.

It happens because we’re smart and thinking ahead. We interpret what the person has said to have a deeper meaning that the words that were uttered.

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business is personal

Business is personal and nothing will change that

Business is personal – which was the original premise of LinkedIn.

When LinkedIn first came to be it was a platform to list and stay connected with the businesspeople you know, like and trust. If someone else you knew wanted to meet someone on your list, they could reach out to you to request a warm introduction. A lovely, civil and genuine way to build relationships.

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nimble is the new normal

Nimble is the new normal: Using time wisely in an otherwise crazy time

The experiences people are having amidst this pandemic are all over the map. People who are sick or healthy, have jobs or are unemployed, are navigating having children at home or not, are busier than ideal or have a little more time on their hands, are climbing the walls of isolation or kind of enjoy the chance to disconnect a bit more. This post is for those people who have a bit more time on their hands than usual. If this is you, read a little more.

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