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Featured Article on GoSolo Subkit

Am delighted to have been interviewed about my business for GoSolo! Starting and running a business alone isn’t for the fearful. Must be ready to learn constantly and be ok with making mistakes until you get it right. Surrounding yourself with the right people is hugely important, too.

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How grade school gym class messed up my life

You may remember the President’s Physical Fitness Test. A couple of times a year school-age kids were required to participate in specific exercise challenges to determine a level of fitness. Some kids were great at it. Other kids, like me, were scarred for years, even decades, from the torturous experience. Sounds like an overreaction doesn’t it?

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be in the present

Be in the present more often for more happiness

A Harvard study resulted in the finding that humans are thinking about the past or the future – meaning not in the present -an eye-popping 47% of the time.

If a person sleeps seven hours a night, that leaves 17 remaining hours. Fully eight of those are spent not being in the present.

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