About Mary

I Just Couldn’t Take It Anymore​

More than two decades ago, I was done. As we prepared to adopt our son and realize our dream of having a family, I also realized I just couldn’t do it anymore. My job, (and a horrible commute) was crushing my soul. It would hurt my heart to put my new son in daycare, but to do so while working at a job I dreaded, was too much to bear.

I hadn’t been unhappy in corporate America forever. There were some great years doing fulfilling work in wonderful companies. I even met my husband at work! But over the years company culture changed. Then the work changed. Soon I was dreading going to work every day.

With our new family in place, I still wanted to work but knew it had to be work I loved. Work that made my life better and make family life better, too. Concluding that most working people want that too, inspired the idea for to help them get it, just like I did.

So, my company was born. Getting a job doing this work may have been an option, but I knew that coming from the outside, as a coach, would allow me to impact more people than being inside one.

Working with clients and endless curiosity about what people want from work, have built a deep bench of knowledge about what matters to working people, and how to make it a reality.

Over the last two decades, investments in myself – building skills needed to help you experience your ideal worklife – have been significant. But everything undertaken allows me to love my work more, and even more importantly, serve you better.

Together, using a proven process, we identify what the ideal worklife looks like for you. If you only have a vague idea – or only know what you don’t want – this process addresses that, too. In many cases the goals identified at the start of the coaching engagement shift or change. It’s my job to make sure we’re always headed in the right direction.

Along the way, the small steps you take add up to meaningful progress. Working side-by-side you have an accountability partner, a confidant, a second brain, a guide and a cheerleader. It’s a no-judgment zone where we simply get back on track if you have speed bumps along the way.

We also have fun. Work shouldn’t be a slog and neither should coaching!

Knowing then what I know now, starting a business (which is challenging) wouldn’t have been the only option to get joy from work. But it worked out like it was meant to work out. Now I get to help people like you live the ideal worklife you dream of and deserve.

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