How is your worklife working out?

On a scale from 1 to 10, where would you score it?

If that score isn't ok with you, we can work together to improve it.

Enjoying time spent at work isn't asking too much

But Struggles like these Get in the way

Work is harder than it should be or frustrating


Work is more rewarding when it makes you stretch. Too boring or un-motivating isn’t good. Neither is being frustrated and overwhelmed. Days fly by in a good way when you get the balance right.

You want your life in balance


Life balance isn’t about equal amounts of personal and professional responsibility. It’s about you being balanced at your core. Being resilient under pressure when one (or both) of those areas get crazy. Because you know they will.

unless you work alone, there are people issues


Only reality stars love getting sucked into drama. But conflict happens in the best companies. Proactively inspire collaboration and be ready to handle conflict when it arises.

Headshot of Mary

I Can Relate. And I Can Help.

Mary Kutheis, Worklife Coach

Life and work are so busy that days, weeks, months, even years fly by. One day you realize your worklife is fine, but not great. The considerable hours you spend there feel more stressful than necessary, include persistent problems, or are simply not as fulfilling as you want. It’s unsettling, distracting, frustrating – you name it.  But there’s a way to create something better.

Having your ideal worklife is about loving the work you do, enjoying the people you interact with, being confident your time is well spent, and feeling focused, centered, fulfilled and successful.

If this worklife sounds appealing, and you don’t yet have it, you’re in the right place.

Is it time for a shift?

The shifts we make happen are in three general areas. How you think, how you work, and how you maximize emotional intelligence (EQ). And in case you didn’t already know, EQ covers not only how you express yourself and interact, but also how you make decisions and handle stress. 

Thinking, Prioritizing and EQ = The E3 Shift.

E3 Shift Thinking Prioritizing Emotional Intelligence

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