Create Your Ideal Worklife

More Resilience. More Fulfillment. Love Your Work.

pro at prioritizing

Inspired and Accomplished

focused and in balance

You Want to Be Happy at Work

But Struggles like these Get in the way

Work is harder than it should be or frustrating

Being at the top is an ambitious undertaking and rewarding. Leadership also comes with challenges you can’t discuss with just anybody.

You want your life in balance

You think about work when you’re at home, and sometimes crave time for yourself while at at work. You can be fulfilled in both places, but first you need to be clear about what that looks like.


You set the course for the business. It’s what you prioritize that gets time and attention. But what if the urgent is overtaking planning?

Headshot of Mary

I Can Relate. And I Can Help.

Mary Kutheis, Worklife Coach

Life and work are so busy that days, weeks, month, even years fly by. One day you realize your worklife is fine, but not great. The considerable hours you spend there feel more stressful than necessary, include persistent problems, or are simply not as fulfilling as you want. It’s unsettling, distracting, frustrating – you name it.  But there’s a way to fulfill the responsibilities as the CEO of your small business and have your ideal worklife.

Having your ideal worklife is about loving the work you do, enjoying the people you interact with, being confident your time is well spent, and feeling focused, centered, fulfilled and successful.

Trying to figure it out how to get that all by yourself, which is what most people do, is frustrating and fraught with challenges. But following the lead of someone who has already helped others make that shift and can show you the way, is a much better plan. I’ve been there, done that, and would love to help you get there, too.

Signature Coaching Program

Build Your Ideal Worklife

In my six month, one-on-one coaching program, Creating the Ideal Worklife, (Other options available if this is more than you need.) I’ll guide you along the path to make your ideal workday a reality. We’ll clarify your goals, follow a proven process, and execute the strategy that results in you starting every workday with enthusiasm and ending it with a sense of accomplishment. To learn all the details and register for a strategy session click the button below.

How Does It Work?

Just Three Simple Steps

Initiate the Partnership

Click the button below to book your free Ideal Worklife Strategy Session

Develop the Strategy

Together, following a proven process, we create the map to reach your goals

Implement & Win

As a team we go step-by-step to make your ideal worklife a reality

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